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Handmade Toys Toys from toy artisans across the U.S. Heirloom quality toys!

African Rocking Animals - Exquisite new toys available now!
Be sure to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery! These items may not be available during the time just before Christmas, so order well before the Christmas season for delivery!

Hand Carved African Rocking Animals - Avg. weight of the African Rocking Animals is about 16 pounds, dimensions approx. 28" L x 20" H x 12" W. They are recommended suitable for kids from age 1 to 3 years for riding and 1 to 89 for collecting! Carved and laminated South African Pine, finished with non-toxic varnish, featuring no loose parts. What a find!

homemade toys

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wooden rocking lion - rocking toys from THHTSCLion Zulu : Ingoyama The lion is the largest of the African Cats, the male can weigh as much as 240kg. Adult males are distinguishable by their manes of long hair. SORRY, THE LION IS NOT AVAILABLE
Order Now!

wooden rocking elephant - rocking toys from THHTSCElephant ...Zulu : Indiovu
The Elephant is the world's largest land mammal: no other species exceeds it in height at the shoulder. Elephants live in a matriarchal society that is the females are dominant. Order Now!


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Giraffe..... Zulu : Indlulamithi
The Giraffe is the worlds tallest animal, bulls average 5 m in height. Males are generally darker in colour than females and lack any wooden rocking lion - rocking toys from THHTSC
hair on top of their horns. SORRY, THE GIRAFFE IS NOT AVAILABLE Order Now!





wooden rocking elephant - rocking toys from THHTSCRhinoceros .....Zulu : Ubhejane
There are two species of rhino in South Africa. White rhinos are distinguished by broad straight edged mouth, whereas Black Rhinos have triangular upper lips hooked over the lower lip. Order Now!


wooden rocking lion - rocking toys from THHTSCWarthog .....Zulu: Indiovudawana
The Warthog is named for its prominent facial warts: Boers have two pairs of warts and Sows one pair. The Canine teeth grow out sideways and upwards as protuberant Tusks. Order Now!


Handcarved Lion $280.00 plus $30.00 s/h.
Handcarved Lion Rocking Animal Quantity: - NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME!!! SORRY!!!!

Handcarved Elephant $280.00 plus $30.00 s/h.
Handcarved Elephant Rocking Animal Quantity:

Handcarved Giraffe $280.00 plus $30.00 s/h.
Handcarved Giraffe Rocking Animal Quantity: SORRY, THE GIRAFFE IS NOT AVAILABLE

Handcarved Rhino $280.00 plus $30.00 s/h.
Handcarved Rhino Rocking Animal Quantity:

Handcarved Warthog $280.00 plus $30.00 s/h.
Handcarved Warthog Rocking Animal Quantity:

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