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Toy trains, specially handcrafted solid wooden toy trains with solid wood train tracks to run on are one of the favorite toys of all time next to wooden tops!

These trains and tracks are compatible with other trains such as Brio and other brands of toy train sets. These particular Name Trains™ are internationally famous, hand produced by Maple LandMark of Vermont with solid rock maple wood. These are keepsakes for generations!

"Make A Name" Maple Train Letters
Fantastic Personalized Gift and Toy for the little engineers! Beautiful, bright, non-toxic, run-resistant colors are used for the color stain that allows the beautiful woodgrain to show through and are also available with clear finish to show off the natural beauty of the wood. Have bright traveling in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple or "go au natural"!

The "Letter Cars" are about 2-1/2" high and the other train-type cars are about 2" high. Sturdy and fun, kids will love riding the rails aboard their own personalized name trains, and love hooking up other words too! Hook-up is easy with the magnet "coupling" of the train cars!

This is an engaging, educational set of trains that encourage

  • color recognition (with the color-stained train pieces),
  • letter recognition
  • hand - eye coordination
  • imaginative play
  • simple problem solving (planning and producing track design, cars, etc.)
  • word play

Versatile, these train pieces roll on most other standard tracks that are available. Track choices, pieces, and accessories are available for ordering too!

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Natural Wood, Clear Finish "Letter Cars"
Natural Wood Letter Cars - 
Specify  letters: ex: 3-a, 4-b,  9-y, etc.
or spell out word or name
$ 3.20 Each Quantity 
Total number of ALL Letters specified.
Cabooses $ 3.50 Each Quantity 
Passenger Cars $ 3.50 Each Quantity 
Color-Stain Finished "Letter Cars"


Click HERE to order Color-stain Finished "Name Train" pieces!

Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery
  Check out the great train tracks made of solid rock maple!
Animal Accessories 
Click here to view a
Photo of Animal Accessories
Cow $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Dog $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Bear $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Duck $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Whale $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Dinosaur $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Elephant $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Noah's Train - 1 of each
Kid's Choice!
We recommend ordering the "Noah's Ark Boat" from the Vehicles list below to put at the head of Noah's Train!
$28.70 - 7 Animal Train Set Quantity 


Click here to view a Photo of Vehicle Accessories

Bus $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Trolley $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Car $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Heart $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Spacer $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
People Car $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Tractor $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Firetruck $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Truck Cab $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Police Car $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
Noah's Ark $ 4.50 Each Quantity 
*Limited Edition* 1999 Engine
See photo
$ 4.99 Each Quantity 
Santa Engine - Sure to be a favorite!
See photo
$ 4.99 Each Quantity 
See photo
$ 4.99 Each Quantity 
Shipping and Handling
Each order has a minimum shipping of $6.50
Orders with more than 6 pieces - add $ .50 extra s/h each piece over 6.
Shipping  Minimum Shipping is $6.50 Shipping

If you order pieces individually:
Add .50 S/H for each piece over 6. 

***Please enter the correct amount so your order processing won't be delayed!

Does not apply to Pre-Packaged SETS

Enter total pieces over 6

This applies to ordering the individual pieces only. This does NOT apply to ordering the SETS.


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And....tired of the same old plain tracks? Check out the

Six track part styles for paving the way for the railroad! Layouts are beautifully
done with track pieces made from rock maple and sanded very smooth with no finish. Tracks are compatible with the train pieces shown here and with other popular train sets.

Order these great new pieces, destined to be a part of American toy history  with your
VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover and American Express directly through the shopping cart.


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